craneway1Assemble Restaurant is located adjacent to the spectacular Craneway Pavilion and was once the boiler room used to power the great assembly lines in the building’s days as an industrial powerhouse. Today, instead of turning out tanks and automobiles, the Craneway Pavilion is a fabulous venue for a variety of concerts, benefits, celebrations, corporate events and even as a film location for commercials and movies. In fact, fittingly enough given its history as an assembly plant, the Craneway had a star turn in the Francis Ford Coppola production of Tucker, a major motion picture about an idealistic carmaker of the mid-Twentieth Century.

Developer Eddie Orton, owner and operator of the Craneway Pavilion, has transformed this sterling example of early twentieth century industrial design into one of the most sought after exhibition and entertainment spaces in Northern California by restoring it to its original sleek, simple, open design that takes full advantage of its singular location.

craneway2In recent months the Craneway Pavilion has seen a diverse array of superstars in concert including Bjork, Jackson Browne and Winton Marsalis. It has also played host to July Third with the Oakland Symphony and the Bay Area’s own Wavy Gravy and his annual benefit for the SEVA Foundation.

Whether one is coming by on the Bay Trail in daylight hours, attending an evening event at the Craneway or dining at Assemble, the views from the Craneway Pavilion are unparalleled, with sweeping vistas from the East Bay Hills across the Bay to the city of San Francisco and beyond.